Git Fundamentals

A journey through utilizing git in modern development

Utilizing some sort of a version control software is essential in modern software developmnet, whether you are working in a team or developing on your own. Git is by far the most popular version control system out there. In this article we will follow a scenario to work with Git and learn it’s most essential commands.

Development without version control softwares

Coding is a nightmare without source (version) control systems. You create separate backup folders to copy a version of the files there and you would rename the folder or files to include the current date.

You comment the old codes, because you don’t want to miss them in case you need them in future.

You add your own name above the code you write or the code you comment and explain why and when you have done that.

And you would do many other unconstructive things to make sure you have control over what happens in the application in the long run.

But that’s over. The version control software would do all that and much much more for you.

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