JavaScript File Structure and Unification

In the Modularizing JavaScript Code post, I wrote about how to convert plain JavaScript codes into modules. (using Revealing Module Pattern).

We used Revealing Module Pattern, but in fact, there are several patterns for modularizing js codes.

File Structure

Modularizing can be done in a single js file, but it\’s recommended to split each module into a separate file. Doing so allows a better control over each module and facilitates working as teams on a project.

REST calls from back-end using RestSharp

There are times you want to make a call to an external REST API (not SOAP web services) from your back-end C# code.

Well, this can be achieved by utilizing HttpClient:

HttpClient client = new HttpClient();

This is fine. Only you have to take care of the rest of code complexity – especially in the case of an async call. RestSharp library can help you hide all those complexities and focus on your code logic.

A Compass for your SASS

Compass was a wonderful framework which unfortunately no longer is maintained. But the existing project can still be used by front-end developers.

Twitter Bootstrap vs. Compass

Bootstrap is a CSS framework. It gives you a set of predefined styles. For instance, different types of Forms or Grids.


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