Salesforce CLI sf (v2) handy commands to work with Scratch orgs

Ehsan Korhani · January 5, 2024

Here are some handy Salesforce CLI sf (v2) commands for working with scratch orgs:

Remember to Uninstall the previous sfdx CLI before installing sf.

# installation
$ npm install sf

# create a DX project
$ sf project generate -n my-project

# authorize a default DevHub
$ sf org login web -d -a default-hub

# create a default scratch org
$ sf org create scratch -f config/project-scratch-def.json -a my-scratch-org -y 30 -d

# View the list of our orgs
$ sf org list

# generate a password for the default scratch org
$ sf org generate password

# push all local metadata changes to the scratch org
$ sf project deploy start

# assign permission set to the current user
$ sf org assign permset -n My_Permission_Set_Name

# run a script (for example to create sample data)
$ sf apex run -f ./scripts/setupMyObj.apex

# open the newly created default scratch org
$ sf org open

# org details including access token, username, password, alias, etc.
$ sf org display

# deploy or retrieve specific metadata
$ sf project deploy start -d force-app/main/default/lwc/myComponent
$ sf project retrieve start -m ApexClass:MyApexClass

# set or change org alias
$ sf alias set

# change default DevHub
$ sf config set

# delete a scratch org
$ sf org delete scratch -o my-scratch-org


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